About us...

Wonders in nature , curiosity about planets and stars , heritage in the history, events in nature around us, Amazon basin, Polar region , Space world are the things that can not be experienced only through books and Internet as these places are not accessible - Though this facility has been made available in metropolitan cities by the government it is costly, insecure, no facility of food and transport it makes the things impossible.
      In such a situation, will this world be deprived of the people like us who are working in the rural area ? Will our curiosity only be continued to burn and tested ? will the easily available and affordable centre not be set up ? Keeping in view all these issues, Efforts Academy has undertaken this project along with its Competitive Exam centre . We hope that this will flourish and emerge as the most secure and secluded educational Entertainment Centre in the Country.
      The main feature of this project is diqistar-4 system . It is the ultra modern latest wireless control system. It facilitates 60 pictures playback per second. 8K X 8K is considered to be an ideal system for the dome With the help of this planetarium, we intend to display film shows from developed countries that can be screened only on the dome.