Efforts Planetarium

Until now, the quality, performance and spectacular content was the monopoly of big planetariums. But now , there is Digistar system from Evans and Sutherland -USA an all -new projection system that brings to smaller planetarium the same digital revolution. Digistar - 1, 2, 3, 4 system has effective projection even with the help of 8m dome
      After a thorough study of the changes in the world of planetarium, Efforts Academy has availed this opportunity to all Maharashtrian who are interested in science and in pursuit of knowledge. Accordingly, Efforts Academy has set up this planetarium in its educational complex as an Edu­Entertainment centre at Dhangarwadi .This has been the long cherished dream come true.
      Now there is no need to go to Nehru Science centre, Bombay, Hyderabad Science centre, Surat Science city or Calcutta Science museum to see planetarium since it is available in Ahmednagar.
      With the support and good will of parents and students, a visionary secondary teacher has established this well equipped planetarium on private basis at the central place .This is the one and only privately owned planetarium set up by a teacher without anybody's help. It has costed 3 crore rupees.
      While establishing this planetarium he has used many innovative ideas. A typical road winding through mountains and hills, show walls to welcome you, footpath, clean and pure drinking water, Children's Park, Astral Garden for Adults, spacious lawn, splendid and attractive water body having colourful lotuses, fishes, turtles are the main attractions of the place. A magnificent small bridge over the water body leads you to the science museum the auditorium having variety of science Exhibits.
      Here one gets information about the show to be screened in the dome. The library of this shows has been set up. It will be enriched and updated every year.

  • Day Workshop : A planetarium show, science museum, children's Science park, Astral Garden, a Practical workshop with breakfast and tea.
  • Regular Annual tour Programme With Different Projects & Practicals
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  • Very Great Experience to see Planetarium Live Show. Thanks Efforts
  • Last Sunday my all family saw Planetarium Live Show. Great Really Amazing.
  • We dont need to go anywhere for Planetarium Show It Available In Ahmednagar at affordable cost. Thanks Jogade Sir.
  • Every one visit Efforts At once it Great Experience